Tumbler Instructions

How to use the Big Shot BST-40 Tumblers 

1) Place tumbler on a hard flat surface. Do not operate the tumbler on carpeting or a rug. The unit needs space below the motor assembly for the fan to operate and properly cool the motor.

2) Start tumbler and let it run for a minute or two without a load in the drum. The reason for this is the 4 oil seals in the gear reducer cause a high cold starting torque on the motor. By letting the motor run for a few minutes, the seals break the friction with the shafts inside the gear reducer and the motor can start turning the loaded drum when it's attached. If the motor is not allowed to run for a few minutes the motor may not start to turn when the drum is attached but helping the motor to get started is another option (just turn the drum slightly by hand)


3) Listed below are the maximum capacity limits for each unit

  • 40LBS is the maximum capacity for the BST-40 and should not be overloaded or damage may occur.
    • Max. Capacity Examples:
      • 7 lbs of brass with 13 lbs of stainless media and 2.5 gallons of water
      • 20 lbs of parts with 20lbs of dry ceramic pyramids

4) Filling and/or filling and attaching tub

Either remove tub and place flat on ground facing up or tilt machine so tub faces up
Add brass and stainless media OR parts/brass and dry tumbling media
Pour up to 2.5 gallons of cold water into the drum. The water must cover the brass and media at a minimum
    • If dry tumbling be sure to use the appropriate ratio and amount of tumbling media and parts/brass to ensure you don't exceed recommended weight capacity
      Add 2 to 3 teaspoon of Lemi Shine (you can buy this here)
      Add 1/2 teaspoon of Dawn dish soap (Dawn works great but any dish soap will work)
      Dawn and Lemi Shine
      Add a few drops of dish soap to the rubber gasket surface (inside the lid) and smear it all over the entire surface and then instal lid and secure snugly. The soap will reduce the friction between the gasket and the sealing surface of the drum when the lid is being tightened providing a "No leak" condition
      (If removing the tub to fill) Stop the motor with the slotted drive spoke pointing straight up as seen in the photo. Do not rotate the drum by hand. Use only the switch to stop the motor in the correct position or damage may occur.
      Tumbler with no drum
      (If removing tub to fill cont.) Loosen the nut and spilt both flat washers on the stud that will be dropped into the slot in the top drive spoke.
      Tumbler drum install

      (If removing tub to fill cont.) Remove the wing nut and one flat washer on the two studs that will be inserted into the bottom two drive spokes holes leaving the rubber washer on the tub side. The rubber washer holds the washer in place during use and prevents damage.
      tumbler drum install
      (If removing tub to fill cont.) With the washers on the top bolt separated hang the tub in the slot.
      tumbler drum install
      (If removing tub to fill cont.) Once the top stud is sitting in the bottom of the slot, tilt the drum so the lower two studs enter their respective holes. 
      tumbler drum install
      (If removing tub to fill cont.) With the drum hanging in position you can now add washers and wing nuts to the lower bolt and tighten the top wing nut first and then the bottom two (Do not over tighten the wing nuts as this can cause damage to the flange).
      5) Start the motor, allow the tumbler to run for 1.5 to 2 hours.

      6) Stop the motor with the slotted drive spoke pointing in the straight up position.

      7) Remove the drum by reversing the drum installation steps above.

      8) (optional) Dump only the dirty water out of the drum. Refill the drum with cold water then add 2 teaspoon of liquid ZIP wax (I use Turtle ZIP wax) to the water. Add 1 teaspoon of Lemi Shine to the water. Remount the drum on the tumbler and run the tumbler for 15 minutes. The wax will coat the cases to reduce the oxidation of the cases (the cases will keep the bright shiny look for a longer period of time with the thin wax coating).

      9) Dump the entire drum contents into a media separator basket. The water level must cover the brass in the basket. If needed add water to increase the level.

      10) Turn the handle slowly on the media separator about 20 revolutions.

      11) Remove media separator basket and dump clean cases into a container to rinse with warm water.

      12) Dry cases by rolling them on a dry towel, then allow to air dry. Rifle case will hold water inside and dry faster by standing them up (neck end down) against a rolled-up towel. Other drying methods include using a food dehydrator or placing brass in a metal basket and using a clothes dryer